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Ovens for Curing Aeolic Paddles or Blades  

This alternative “Aeolic Energy” to fossil fuels despite rather primitive back to compete as a source of clean, renewable energy with great force.

In the current version the old windmills are today wind or aero turbines.

Each wind turbine with rotors above 100 meters in diameter is able to generate 3,6MW power. Usually the wind turbines are grouped so as to be concentrating power plants and reduce transmission costs.

Today the cost of this energy is around four cents per kWh generated, way below of the cost of fossil fuels.

The useful life of these rotors is very important in these wind turbines. Blades are fabricated from multiple materials, which stand in fiberglass, phenolic resins, various kinds of plastics and a high-tech construction.

Post-curing in temperature ensures the uniformity of these materials.

Grantham Engineering has developed an incubator for post-curing to guarantee this uniformity of +/- 5 ° C along the whole length of the blades.

These stationary ovens have a useful width of 7.0 meters x depth 52.0 meters x of 6.0 meters. Heated with generators using natural gas, the consumption of this equipment is low since the entire chamber surface is isolated and the hot air is recirculated.

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