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Stationary industrial furnaces in SP  

Stationary industrial furnaces and (or) continuous

Stationary industrial furnaces
and / or continuous GRANTHAM furnaces are designed and sized to meet the thermical treatment, calcination, fusion and annealing.

In order to supply the customers requirement ovens are developed and designed by our designers and engineers that do the start up and after sales.

We serve the industries in food branches, elastomers, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, chemical, energy and textile.
GRANTHAM ovens are equipped with direct or indirect heating and use as heating LPG gas or natural gas.

The temperature controls and other controls can be tracked and controlled via PLC, including around the combustion system. As thermal insulation are commonly used refractory blankets. The ovens can be designed for temperatures up to 1250 ° C.


The industrial ovens GRANTHAM differ mainly:

1. For the robustness of the whole structure
2. For the perfect homogeneity of temperature
3. For the low temperature on the outer surface
4. Easy operation
5. Low maintenance
6. Absolute security
7. Technical assistance and after-sales

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