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Thermal Drying Equipments in SP


Founded in the city of Cotia – São Paulo – Brazil, in April of 1984 by Temple William Villiers Grantham, Grantham Engineering dedicates itself to projects and the manufacturing of thermal equipments for a variety of industries in different lines of business.

We do attend food, electroeletronics, energy, pharmaceutical, chemical and metallurgical industries.

The company started developing special projects of industrial combustion for equipments. In consequence of the successful results of these projects, today, GRANTHAM ENGINEERING provides complete equipments in a “turn key job” system listed in our products section.

Grantham Engineering has as its main interest the development of new technologies that can improve the quality of the client’s and supplier’s products, by reducing the costs of the equipments without compromising its quality.

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GRANTHAM ENGINNERING founded in the city of Cotia - São Paulo - Brazil, in April of 1984 by Temple William Grantham, Grantham Engineering de...

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